Ladies and gentlemen, the captains of our ship

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you’re cute, angel :3 at least you agree with me


Disney Ladies Hair Changes On Screen

for anonymous

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arrow meme - seven outfits [7/7]

→ felicity smoak in ‘tremors’

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once you let the darkness inside, it never comes out

                       …someone who can harness the light that’s still inside you

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I know Laurel is still not ready to be the Black Canary. But everybody who watches a little bit of the show knows that she is meant to be. Now the Wildcat will be in the show and everybody can see that he’s going to train her. I mean, the own description of the character is telling us this.

So why on Earth there are people dumb and fool and stupid to tell ME that Laurel IS NOT the Black Canary and that the Wildcat will only be an ROMANTIC INTEREST????? PLEASE.

Let me kill this bitch, please.

[forgive any english mistakes, I’m so mad I can’t even think correctly]

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arrow meme - seven outfits [3/7]

→ oliver queen in ‘the scientist’

It’s SDCC weekend and this pops up on my dash again? FUCK YEAH!


Stephen Amell should wear suits, three piece suits, suspenders, bowties, to whit, the entire range of male formal wear for all of time. Seriously.

Always always always.

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I can’t with posers, ok?